TEQ-FallsAlert: Automatic fall detection radar for peace of mind

TEQ-FallsAlert includes a 12 month subscription to the SOFIHUB app to monitor falls, send real-time alerts to loved ones and minmise false alarms.

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Get instant notification of a fall.

The TEQ-FallsAlert uses proprietary radar technology to constantly scan a room for someone falling over. When a fall takes place, the radar immediately sends an alert via an app to nominated carers or family members letting them know a fall has taken place. Help can then be dispatched in an instant.

With real-time fall detection, the TEQ-FallsAlert alerts carers the second a fall takes place, so help can be sent immediately.

This fall detection device uses radar instead of cameras to respect privacy and dignity within the home.

Placed in the upper corner of a room and free from trip hazards, the fall detection radar can detect falls from bed and from a seated position as well as from standing.

This product includes a 12-month subscription to the Sofihub app/online portal. 

Please note the TEQ-FallsAlert needs to connect to wifi to operate*.

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How it works

Radar Technology Scans Room For Fall Detection & Prevention

Advanced radar technology constantly scans the room to identify unsual behaviour such as a falls

Detect Falls From Anywhere

Falls can be detected in any room, seating or standing

Sends Immediate Real-Time Alert

A real-time alert is sent to family or caregiver via the SOIFHUB app to receive immediate help

What is a falls detection radar? What is the case for having one?

Did you know that falls are Australia’s number one cause of injury hospitalisation and death in older Australians?

They represent 77% of injury hospitalisations and 71% of injury deaths.

One in 2 falls occur in the home.

Most hospitalised falls occurred on the same level (60%), such as a slip, trip, or stumble.

Lying on the floor for more than an hour is strongly correlated with serious injuries, admission to hospital, and subsequent moves into long term residential aged care.

It's clear that a solution is needed to help prevent falls and their potentially devastating consequences.

Which is why the TEQ-FallsAlert was developed.

It uses radar technology to detect falls and promptly alert friends or family members, ensuring swift assistance and reducing the risk of long lie falls.

Why buy a TEQ-FallsAlert falls detection radar?

1. Advanced Fall Detection: TEQ-FallsAlert accurately detects falls from standing, seated and from bed.

2. Real-Time Alerts: The radar sends immediate alerts to designated contacts, such as family members or caregivers, allowing for prompt assistance in the event of a fall.

3. Long Lie Fall Prevention: By detecting falls and facilitating timely intervention, TEQ-FallsAlert helps prevent the complications associated with long lie falls including serious injury, hospitalisation, and a move into residential aged care.

4. Seamless integration: TEQ-FallsAlert seamlessly integrates into the daily routine, requiring no wearable devices or additional user actions. Its non-intrusive design ensures maximum comfort and ease of use.


  1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/injury/falls-in-older-australians-2019-20-hospitalisation/contents/summary
  2. https://www.bmj.com/content/337/bmj.a2227

Benefits of TEQ-FallsAlert

Real-Time Help

Family members and caregivers are notified immediately when a fall has taken place

All Falls Recorded

All falls, no matter if they are standing or sitting, are recorded to monitor and prevent future falls

No Wearables

Using radar technology, the fall detection device does not need to be worn by the user

Free From Trip Hazards

Using radar technology, the TEQ-FallsAlert is free from trip hazards such as wires or mats

Easy Installation

Easy set up for users, simply plug and play

Protects User Privacy

Unlike traditional fall detection devices, the TEQ-FallsAlert is a non-invasive option for users as it uses radar instead of cameras



"My mother is very resistant to outside help, I tried to get her a nurse, a cleaner, but she refused. I live so far away and it worried me. Especially as she keeps losing her phone or forgetting to take it off silent. With TEQ-FallsAlert I at least know she hasn't fallen somewhere."


“Mum’s very active but lives alone on a farm and even though we have people there during the day, she’s alone at night. I used to worry she’d had an accident, especially if I forgot to call in the evening. I hate the thought of no one finding her till the morning. The TEQ-FallsAlert gives me peace of mind that that hasn't happened."


"As my dear husband has aged, he's struggled with unsteadiness. Unfortunately, he experienced 3 falls recently, leaving him unable to get up. The worry has prevented me from leaving him alone. However, the TEQ-FallsAlert has been an absolute blessing! Now I can go out with peace of mind. This device has given us back our independence, and we're so grateful."


How to set it up

Step 1: Install

Affix the wall bracket using the included double sided tape. Slide the radar onto the bracket and plug it in.

Step 2: Pair

Pair with Sofihub app.

Step 3: Monitor

Get a real-time alert if a fall takes place. Send help.

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Featured Highlights

  • Real-time falls detection
  • No cameras, video or audio recording
  • Falls from standing, seated and bed are detected
  • No wearables
  • Free from trip hazards
  • Easy set up: just plug and play

About us

Sofihub is a brand of CARETEQ, an Australian-owned and operated company listed on the ASX (CTQ) and based in Melbourne.

Founded in 2016 in collaboration with Deakin University, Sofihub’s mission is to use technology to improve well-being and promote independence for seniors and people with disabilities.

Sofihub’s healthcare solutions comprise assistive living products with a particular focus on falls detection and prevention, as well as key routine and activity monitoring.


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