About Us

SOFIHUB is an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria. We started in 2016 through a project with Deakin University. Our mission was simple; we wanted to help older people and people with disabilities to be independent and at the same time provide peace of mind for their families and carers.

 Out of this simple idea, the SOFIHUB was born; a passive, non-intrusive activity monitoring system that could be programmed with smart reminders. We quickly partnered with the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) to help people with Acquired Brain Injury (which can affect short term memory and task initiation), live independently. Watch the video at the link below to see how SOFIHUB helped Josh and his family.

Building on the success of this initiative, we developed more technologies with this same mission in mind.

Nowadays, we are proud to say that SOFIHUB is trusted by many hospitals, aged care facilities, retirement villages and families.


SOFIHUB is a brand of CARETEQ

CARETEQ is a global, ASX-listed, health-technology company delivering a portfolio of innovative solutions in the health and aged care sectors.

CARETEQ’s solutions also comprise assistive living products with particular focus in falls detection and prevention, and routine and activity monitoring.

In 2021, CARETEQ expanded its portfolio to include medication management services with the acquisition of Ward Medication Management. The ensuing joint venture in 2023 with Mederev to create Embedded Health Solutions consolidates CARETEQ’s position as a leader in this sector. The portfolio continues to grow through proprietary product development. For more information on CARETEQ, click here.

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