Real-time falls detection radar

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Safety alarm: falls detection and live location

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Fall Monitoring Devices & Medical Safety Alarms

Sofihub’s safety monitoring technologies provide care for independent and active individuals. Our intelligent solutions include the TEQ-FallsAlert fall detection device and the TEQ-Secure personal safety alarm. These non-intrusive solutions enable greater independence and peace of mind, for the user as well as their families and carers. 

Care even when you’re not there
"My mother is very resistant to outside help, I tried to get her a nurse, a cleaner, but she refused. I live so far away and it worried me. Especially as she keeps losing her phone or forgetting to take it off silent. With TEQ-FallsAlert I at least know she hasn't fallen somewhere"


“Mum’s very active but lives alone on a farm and even though we have people there during the day, she’s alone at night. I used to worry she’d had an accident, especially if I forgot to call in the evening. I hate the thought of no one finding her till the morning. The TEQ-FallsAlert gives me peace of mind that that hasn't happened"


TEQ-FallsAlert is the best thing ever. My 92 year old mother had a fall the other day. And a small heart attack. It alerted me and I went straight to her house. Because mum was able to get help fast, she is still alive today. I highly recommend this product

Carol Wilson

Thank you!! This is exactly what my mum needed! She's excited that she can be more independent now and not risk falling without being able to call for help when she's out and about. It's made her feel more in control of her life. Can't thank you enough!

Sarah Gilbert

I had a fall and could not get up - my back seized up, probably due to my Osteoarthritis - but I managed to call my emergency contact with my TEQ-Secure who let herself in and helped me get back up. Who knows how long I would have lain there otherwise. I'm very grateful I had it on me at the time.

Lesley Ann Nelson

"As my dear husband has aged, he's been struggling with unsteadiness on his feet. Unfortunately, he's experienced three falls recently, leaving him unable to get up. This constant worry has prevented me from leaving him alone, since I fear he might fall again. It's been frustrating for both of us. However, the TEQ-FallsAlert has been an absolute blessing! Now I can go out with peace of mind. This device has given us back our independence, and we're so grateful. Thank you, TEQ-FallsAlert!"


TEQ-FallsAlert: instant falls detection

Respects privacy and dignity with no cameras, video or audio recording. Perfect for seniors who are at risk of falls. Peace of mind and independence for all.

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Simple installation

Simply plug in, pair, get an alert if a fall takes place

Respects privacy

No cameras, video or audio is recorded, stored or sent

Respects dignity and comfort

No need for a wearable device; set and forget unless help is needed

Free from trip hazards

Installed into the corner of a room, the TEQ-FallsAlert is tucked out of the way

TEQ-Secure: Automatic fall detection and GPS live location

Ideal for active seniors who may be at risk of falls either at home or outside. Embrace life to the fullest knowing help is a button press away

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Two-way voice calls

Stay connected and make and receive calls 24/7


Set safe areas and be notified when the TEQ-Secure enters or exits these locations

Falls detection and live location

Instant notification of a fall and live location mapping so help can quickly be sent to the right place

Lightweight and versatile

Measuring 61x42x16mm and weighing only 42g, can be worn as a necklace, on a belt, attached to keys or in a handbag


Health Monitoring Devices For Independence and Peace of Mind

Sofihub personal alarms allow you to live a full life. Ideal for seniors who enjoy being independent and active, use our sos pendants or fall detection devices ensure help is at hand should the need ever arise.

Easy Installation and Simple Set Up

Installation and set up couldn't be easier. Simply plug in, get alerts, send help if needed.

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At Sofihub, we believe in using technology, through our personal alarms, to improve well-being for active seniors who wish to retain their autonomy. We promote independence and peace of mind for the user and their families and friends.

Our intelligent devices such as the personal safety alarm, has changed the lives of many who now know help can be at hand at the touch of an sos button. Our fall detection device is perfect for those who do not wish to remember to charge, or wear a physical device.

As Australia's leading Assistive Technology company, our devices can be found in homes, hospitals, residential aged care facilities, retirement communities and retailers throughout Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

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