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Includes Telstra SIM

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TEQ-Secure is a lightweight, easy-to-use safety pendant that can issue an emergency SMS to multiple people at the touch of a button.

Featuring automatic falls detection and equipped with GPS and mobile network technology, the TEQ-Secure can instantly pinpoint a person’s live location. This, together with the emergency SMS and follow-up voice call via a built-in speakerphone, means that help can be on its way in an instant.

This product includes a Telstra SIM card, 12 months' connectivity and all calls and text messages.

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How the safety alarm works

  • At home or outdoors, press the SOS button or fall over
  • The alarm calls up to 10 contacts and sends up to 10 text messages with your exact location
  • When one of your contacts answers, they can speak to you through the built-in speakerphone

Pre-programming your TEQ-Secure

Your TEQ-Secure can be programmed with up to 10 emergency contacts. These are friends or family members who will be contacted in case of an emergency. We can send your TEQ-Secure to you already set up with your emergency contact details, so it is ready to use straight out of the box. After purchasing the TEQ-Secure, we’ll send you an order confirmation email with a link to submit these details to us.

Key Features of TEQ-Secure

Wearable medical alert

Wear as a necklace, clipped onto your keyring, on your belt with the provided clip or simply put it in a handbag.


Measuring 61x42x16mm and weighing only 42g, the TEQ-Secure is comfortable and easy to wear.

Falls detection

In-built, instant falls detection. When a fall is detected, the device will instantly send for help via SMS and voice calls.

Live location

Real-time live location tracking with in-built GPS means you can pinpoint exactly where the user is at any time.


Set safe areas and be notified if the user enters or exits these locations.


Wear the TEQ-Secure 24/7, even in high risk areas such as the shower.

4G Connectivity

Equipped with a Telstra sim, ensuring quality coverage across Australia.

SOS button

Issue an emergency SMS by pressing the SOS button and get help immediately.

2-way voice calls

Using the in-built speakerphone, make and receive calls, ensuring you can keep in contact with the TEQ-Secure user at all times.

Charging cradle

Never forget to wear or charge your device with spoken word reminders from the charging cradle.

Monitor falls, accidents and location with a wearable safety pendant

For use in the home as well as outdoors, the TEQ-Secure is for ideal for anyone who is independent, active and wants to feel safe.

The TEQ-Secure would also suit someone who does not have a mobile phone or who finds using a mobile phone tricky.

With GPS live location, the SOS button and automatic falls detection, you can be sure help will be at hand the second it is needed.


Sarah Gilbert

“Thank you!! This is exactly what my mum needed! She's excited that she can be more independent now and not risk falling without being able to call for help when she's out and about. It's made her feel more in control of her life. Can't thank you enough!”

Lesley Ann Nelson

“I had a fall and I could not get up - my back seized up, probably due to my osteoarthritis - but I managed to call my emergency contact with my TEQ-Secure who let herself in and helped me get back up. Who knows how long I would have lain there otherwise. I'm very grateful I had it on me at the time.”

Gai Neale

After a recent op my husband has not been as mobile. One of his favourite things to do is walk the dog but after the last time he fell over walking the dog, I wouldn't let him go alone. But now he has the TEQ-Secure we both feel more comfortable knowing he can call for help if he needs it.


Setting up your TEQ-Secure

Download app

Download the Sofihub app or log in to your online account to manage your TEQ-Secure


Set up your emergency contacts in the app or online portal if you have not already provided these to us

Activate alarm

Carry or wear your TEQ-Secure to ensure you get help the instant you need it

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Featured Highlights

  • In-built falls detection. Sends emergency SMS with live location & calls up to 10 contacts
  • Geofencing allows safe areas to be set and alerts sent if user enters/exits these locations
  • Uses the full 4G Telstra mobile network covering 99% of Australia’s population
  • Has 2-way hands-free voice calls with high quality, easy to hear audio
  • Family and friends can call the safety pendant. Pendant can call out to nominated contacts.
  • 12 month warranty. 30 day no questions asked returns policy (in original packaging)
  • Best possible indoor & outdoor mobile signal strength using 4G
  • Fully waterproof

About us

Sofihub is a brand of CARETEQ, an Australian-owned and operated company listed on the ASX (CTQ) and based in Melbourne.

Founded in 2016 in collaboration with Deakin University, Sofihub’s mission is to use technology to improve well-being and promote independence for seniors and people with disabilities.

Sofihub’s healthcare solutions comprise assistive living products with a particular focus on falls detection and prevention, as well as key routine and activity monitoring.


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