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Mobile safety alarm sends SMS and calls emergency contacts if SOS button is pressed or a fall takes place.

Includes Telstra SIM for widest coverage and 12 months' UNLIMITED connectivity, calls and text messages

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Each purchase of a TEQ-Life includes a one year COMPLIMENTARY National Seniors membership (valued at $49.50)

2024 model in stock and available now!

Elevate Your Safety with the 2024 TEQ-Life Alarm

Armed with 4G & GPS capabilities with 3G rollback, TEQ-Life Alarm works anywhere there is mobile reception. It's waterproof, tough, and as user-friendly as they come. Choose to wear it with the included lanyard or armband, or simply in your pocket or purse. 

With a simple tap of the SOS button or in the event of a fall, the TEQ-Life Alarm sends texts and calls up to 10 pre-programmed contacts (don't worry, we'll take care of the setup). What's in the SMS? Vital info – time, date, user's name, and an exact GPS location to pinpoint you with precision.

If one contact doesn't answer, the alarm dials the next contact until it gets a response. Once connected, you're in for clear, two-way voice communication thanks to the device's built-in speakerphone. We've cranked up the volume to ensure impeccable sound quality in our 2024 model.

If voicemail answers, the TEQ-Life Alarm will hang up and continue to call the emergency contacts until it succeeds. Contacts can also call the device just like a regular mobile phone.

False alarms? A thing of the past! If you trigger one accidentally, just press the oversized SOS button and the alarm will be cancelled. In our 2024 model, we've gone a step further with voice prompts, guiding you through the cancellation process. Want to make extra sure there are no false alarms? You can even adjust the fall detection sensitivity!

Standout Features:

  • SOS Button: Quick 10-second cancellation window for false alarms
  • Fall Detector: Tune sensitivity and enjoy a 10-second cancel option
  • GPS Locator: Track your location during emergencies or when concerns arise
  • Calls and Texts: Reach out to up to 10 contacts via SMS and phone calls
  • Speed Dial: Call a designated contact at the press of a button
  • Inbound Calls: Auto answer after a customised number of rings
  • Geo-fencing: Ideal for dementia patients – alerts contacts when you venture outside a defined area
  • Low Battery SMS: Keeps contacts informed when the battery runs low
  • Lightweight: weighs less than 4 standard house keys
  • Telstra SIM to cover 99.5% of the Australian population
  • Unlimited data, calls and texts


    New for 2024:

    • FREE armband: you asked, we listened! Use the included armband for the most comfortable wearing option. (Lanyard also included.)
    • Audible Voice Prompts: Clear spoken instructions
    • Auto Time Zone: No need to adjust the time for daylight savings
    • Fast Calling: No waiting during the cancellation window
    • Off/Out Of Range Alert: Emergency contacts are notified when the device is off or out of range
    • Smart Dock: Keep your device charged without worrying about battery wear
    • Silent Mode: For discreet emergencies – your contacts can listen in without alerting any threats
    • Orange Button Design: the SOS button is easy to find in an emergency

      Trusted by Healthcare Pros: Our products come with the endorsement of healthcare experts, including Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Plan Managers, Aged Care Providers, and other healthcare industry professionals!

      Ready for a safer, more independent tomorrow? Call us free on 1800 776 753 to learn more about our range of medical and life alarms. Rest assured, lifetime phone and online support come with every purchase, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

      Choose the TEQ-Life Alarm today and embrace safety and independence like never before.

      NDIS participant or Home Care Package? No problem! We are a registered provider and can help you get this funded. Please complete the form at the link below for a quote or to purchase:


      How does the TEQ-Life alarm work?

      • At home or outdoors, press the SOS button or fall over
      • The alarm automatically calls up to 10 contacts and sends up to 10 text messages with your exact location pinpointed on a map
      • When one of your contacts answers, they can speak to you through the built-in speakerphone

      See how we stack up against other mobile safety alarms

      Feature TEQ-Life Other mobile alarms
      Automatic falls detection
      2-way voice
      Live location
      Online portal
      Mobile app
      Set fall sensitivity
      Number of emergency contacts 10 4 - 8
      No ongoing monitoring fees
      Unlimited data, calls and texts

      Pre-programming your TEQ-Life

      Your TEQ-Life can be programmed with up to 10 emergency contacts. These are friends or family members who will be contacted in case of an emergency. We can set this up for you so your TEQ-Life alarm is ready to use straight out of the box. After purchasing the TEQ-Life, we’ll send you an order confirmation email with a link to submit these details to us.

      Key Features of TEQ-Life

      Wearable medical alert

      Wear as a necklace, in your pocket or purse, or with the included armband.


      Weighing less than 4 housekeys, the TEQ-Life alarm is comfortable and easy to wear.

      Falls detection

      In-built, instant falls detection. When a fall is detected, the device will instantly send for help via SMS and voice calls.

      Live location

      Real-time live location tracking with in-built GPS means you can pinpoint exactly where the user is at any time.


      Set safe areas and be notified if the user enters or exits these locations.


      Wear the TEQ-Life 24/7, even in high risk areas such as the shower.

      4G Connectivity

      Equipped with a Telstra SIM, ensuring the widest quality coverage across Australia.

      SOS button

      Issue an emergency SMS by pressing the SOS button and get help immediately.

      2-way voice calls

      Using the in-built speakerphone, make and receive calls, ensuring you can keep in contact with the TEQ-Life user at all times.

      Charging cradle

      Never forget to wear or charge your device with spoken word reminders from the charging cradle.

      Safety first with UNLIMITED data, calls and SMS

      Don't get caught out! Many mobile safety alarms have a cap on data and calls and some even charge extra for SMS usage. This means that when the data, call or SMS quota is used up, the alarm will either not work or you will receive an additional monthly bill. This either leaves you vulnerable without a working safety alarm, or in shock from unexpected charges.

      We will never take that risk with your health and we are 100% transparent with our pricing, so we ensure the TEQ-Life mobile alarm is equipped with UNLIMITED data, calls and SMS. Safety first.

      Who is the TEQ-Life alarm for?

      The TEQ-Life alarm is ideal for anyone who is independent, active and wants to feel safe, inside or outdoors.

      The TEQ-Life alarm also suits someone who does not have a mobile phone or who finds using a mobile phone tricky.

      With GPS live location, SOS button and automatic falls detection, you can be sure help will be at hand the second it is needed.

      Charging and battery

      Your TEQ-Life alarm comes with two easy charging options: a charging base (pictured) and a cradle and USB cord. Wall plug is also included.

      The TEQ-Life will automatically start charging once it is in the base or cradle and connected to a power source. It only needs 20 minutes charge to function, although to fully charge we recommend an hour.

      The battery life is around 40 hours. It depends on the mobile reception; if the mobile reception is bad (ie somewhere very rural), the alarm will need charging more frequently than 40 hours, if the reception is good (eg in an urban area), the alarm will have a longer than 40 hour battery life.

      We find our clients like to put their safety pendant in its charging base overnight so it is fully charged and ready to go each morning. It doesn't hurt the mobile alarm to leave it in the charging base overnight.


      Sarah Gilbert

      “Thank you!! This is exactly what my mum needed! She's excited that she can be more independent now and not risk falling without being able to call for help when she's out and about. It's made her feel more in control of her life. Can't thank you enough!”

      Natalie Simmons, VIC

      “I experienced a fall, and I found myself unable to stand up. My back, likely aggravated by my osteoarthritis, had seized up on me. Fortunately, I had my TEQ-Life with me. It made a call to my emergency contact, who promptly arrived, letting herself in and assisting me in getting back on my feet. It's unsettling to think how long I might have been on the ground without it. I am profoundly thankful that I had it with me during that crucial moment...”

      Tony Neale

      "After my recent operation I haven't been as steady on my feet as usual. One of my favourite activities is walking my dog but after I tripped in the park on my own with the dog, my wife has been terribly worried about me going on my own. I do feel more secure now I have the TEQ-Life and she feels more comfortable knowing I can call for help if I need to."


      Questions? Check out our FAQs below, ask us on live chat, email support@sofihub.com or call 1800 776 753.

      Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm.Average answer time: 24h

      Setting up your TEQ-Life

      Download app

      Download the Sofihub app or log in to your online account to manage your TEQ-Life


      Set up your emergency contacts in the app or online portal if you have not already provided these to us

      Activate alarm

      Carry or wear your TEQ-Life to ensure you get help the instant you need it

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      Featured Highlights

      • In-built falls detection. Sends emergency SMS with live location & calls up to 10 contacts
      • Geofencing allows safe areas to be set and alerts sent if user enters/exits these locations
      • Uses the full 4G Telstra mobile network covering 99% of Australia’s population
      • Has 2-way hands-free voice calls with high quality, easy to hear audio
      • Family and friends can call the safety pendant. Pendant can call out to nominated contacts.
      • 12 month warranty. 30 day no questions asked returns policy (in original packaging)
      • Best possible indoor & outdoor mobile signal strength using 4GX with 3G rollback
      • Fully waterproof

      What is included

      TEQ-Life alarm

      Charging base

      USB cable


      Charging cradle


      Quick start guide

      Armband (optional)

      National Seniors one year membership (optional)

      FREE National Seniors membership with every TEQ-Life (valued at $49.50)

      As a National Seniors member, you are entitled to a host of discounts on everyday essentials, appliances and services. Plus, you will be supporting a not-for-profit organisation committed to achieving better outcomes for all older Australians. For more information, click here.

      About us

      SOFIHUB is an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria. We started in 2016 through a project with Deakin University. Our mission was simple; we wanted to help older people and people with disabilities to be independent and at the same time provide peace of mind for their families and carers.

       Out of this simple idea, the SOFIHUB was born; a passive, non-intrusive activity monitoring system that could be programmed with smart reminders. We quickly partnered with the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) to help people with Acquired Brain Injury (which can affect short term memory and task initiation), live independently. Watch the video at the link below to see how SOFIHUB helped Josh and his family.


      Building on the success of this initiative, we developed more technologies - such as the TEQ-Life mobile safety alarm - with this same mission in mind.

      Nowadays, we are proud to say that SOFIHUB is trusted by many hospitals, aged care facilities, retirement villages and families.

      Call us on 1800 776 753

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