Self managed NDIS participant?
If you’re a self managed NDIS participant please complete the Client Details form below. 

Plan managed NDIS participant?
If you’re managing an NDIS plan please complete the NDIS Manager/Health Professional Details form below.

We’ll send you a quote and an invoice if you’d like to go ahead with a purchase. If you’re an NDIS participant who is plan managed you can complete this form as well. Just be sure to include the contact details for your plan manager so we can organise your device through them.

Please can we have 2 forms, same fields as the Client details form and the NDIS/Health Professional Details forms at the link above. In addition, can we have a section with check boxes on each of these forms for:

I'm interested in:

  • TEQ-Light activity sensor
  • TEQ-FallsAlert falls detection radar
  • TEQ-Secure personal safety alarm

Need help? Contact us at support@sofihub.com or call 1300 110 366 (Australia) +61 3 8866 5592 (International).

When these details are submitted, can the form please go to support@sofihub.com Can the contents of this email also clearly show that they came from the NDIS page.